The Magic Horse Therapeutic Riding Center exists to make a life-enhancing difference for disabled people and their families through the magic and power of the horse. Our program empowers riders with a sense of independence and acceptance through the use of Equine Assisted Activities (EAA). We encourage our students to become as productive and accomplished as possible, personally, with their families and within society.

To accomplish the ambitious goals of our program, the staff at The Magic Horse Therapeutic Riding Center are highly trained and certified by the North American Riding for the Handicapped Association (NARHA).

Our Staff

Founder Robin Pawl owned her first horse at age nine, and before she opened the Center spent time volunteering with other therapeutic riding programs. She founded The Magic Horse Therapeutic Riding Center in 2004 to bring quality therapeutic riding lessons to San Diego’s disabled community. Through her work at the Center, Robin brings together her love of horses and her training in biology, personal fitness training, and life coaching. Robin undertook extensive training and was certified as a registered level therapeutic riding instructor through NARHA, the international organization that sets the standard for the therapeutic riding industry.

Our Volunteers

Our dedicated volunteers are an essential part of our program. These committed people come to The Magic Horse because of their desire to work with people with special needs and their love of horses. This combination of commitment and passion make them an integral part of each student’s experience. Volunteers help with the everyday chores around the Center, including cleaning stalls, grooming and feeding the horses, and assisting with student lessons. Often multiple volunteers are needed to assist a student with mounting and riding a horse.

Our Horses

Each horse in our program has a unique story and plays a crucial part in helping our riders grow and succeed. They all have a distinctive personality and their own specific strengths, which determines how we match them with our riders and what role they play in the personalized plan for each student.


An Arabian gelding, Prince likes people and his energetic, cooperative spirit makes him a great partner for our students doing ground work.


Fire, a registered Arabian gelding, has a calm and gentle demeanor, and a cooperative spirit. Fire is partnered with riders for lead line lessons and independent riding.


Clem, an Appaloosa gelding helps students learn persistence and leadership because of his stubborn, but calm personality.

Ka Lio

Our youngest horse, Ka Lio is in training to be a lesson horse. Our volunteers and staff are working with him so that he can be partnered with our students in the near future.

Contact us today for a tour of our facility and to meet our horses. It’s a relationship that will give your child confidence, acceptance and a sense of well-being.


Prince is an Arabian gelding and belonged to Robin before she opened The Magic Horse. He was born about 1991 and his color is called “flea-bitten grey”. Prince likes people, is energetic and smart, and tries to be the “ring leader”. One of his important jobs in the program is to work with students on ground lessons, including round-penning, and longeing. He is sensitive and cooperative and he mirrors the riders, which means when a rider correctly asks him to complete a task Prince does it perfectly. When a rider incorrectly communicates, Prince’s actions mirror the mistake. This is important because it helps the students learn to direct the horse correctly, and his energetic, yet cooperative spirit helps students experience success in a dramatic way.